Zvechkalica (little rattler) is a programme of music classes designed to stimulate early development in babies and kids, from their first days to six years old. The lessons are full of fun activities that practice listening, playing instruments, dancing, singing, with special focus on free and creative play with sounds as an introduction to composing. bodies and minds are stimulated and filled with information and numerous new experiences in order to support development of children’s creativity, as well as intellectual and emotional growth. Every month we concentrate on a different theme which we explore through some familiar and little less familiar songs.

Parents presence is important in our workshops, because we show and instruct them on how to use musical activities daily in order to support their child’s development. This way they have an excellent and fun quality time spent with their little ones, learn about the effects that music has on brain development, change their perspective on the importance of art and music in their every day life.

It is our vision to help parents build stimulative environment for their children to thrive the best way they can, while at the same time we are preparing new generations of  art and music lovers that will be our future audience.

Zvechkalica for children in The Center for Foster Care and Adoption is organized once per month in “Dragutin Filipović Jusa” home for children from 3 to 7 years old without parental guidance in Belgrade. With regular music workshops we aim to help them gain better trust in themselves and the world around them, practice speech, social, motor and creative skills, have fun and warm moments to remember, spark love for arts and learning, and prepare them for elementary school.

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