About Us


Associtation ZABUNA is registered wtih The Serbian Business Registers Agency
Registration Number: 28008961
Tax Identification Number (PIB): 106514513

ZABUNA (mix-up or confusion in Serbian) is a voluntary, non-governmental, non-profit organization that exists to encourage the creation and development of experimental art music through education of public, especially youth about the importance of contemporary music heritage. It works on organizing activities to promote significant and new developments in this art,their production, presentation, documentation, archiving and publishing.


ZABUNA was established and launched in January 2010 at the initiative of Maja Bosnić, a composer from Belgrade, Serbia. She has been creating, collecting and researching on new music for a while before she was led to form an association that will introduce this art to a wider public.


ZABUNA works on building a large network for new experimental music, which will include composers, performers, publishers and other centers covering the subject.
ZABUNA works towards organizing festivals, competitions and courses in contemporary experimental music.
ZABUNA works on publishing professional articles, journals and books on new experimental music art.
ZABUNA is building a library of printed, audio and video materials about new experimental music.
ZABUNA is gradually creating a unique center for contemporary experimental art music in Serbia.


In order to achieve their goals ZABUNA is:
• collecting and processing professional literature on experimental music,
• organizing (alone or together with other organizations), professional meetings, conferences, seminars and other forms of education in the field of experimental music art,
• publishing books and other materials that deal with issues related to experimental music,
• hiring teachers and other professionals to work on educating society about experimental music art and on organizing activities that will promote the creation and listening to the new experimental music,
• organizing volunteering activities in performing and publishing experimental music, organizing concerts, festivals, competitions, conferences and seminars,
• collaborating with universities, schools, professional associations and other organizations in the country and abroad who deal with the creation and development of new experimental musical art,
• working on discovering young talents, encouraging and assisting their development and guiding them in their further training,
• working on organizing events and encouraging other forms of musical creativity,
• working towards protecting the interests of its members, especially students and young talents.