Shhhumigrad (“HumingCity”) concept works towards changing the perception of locations by analyzing and treating them as a music instruments. Any place can be a source of sound(s), therefore can be played as an instrument and used to perform music. The only rule is not to intervene with found “installation” of the location by bringing objects or instruments. To play the place one must use only objects found originally on the spot.

The idea is to send photos of places from anywhere, and describe how one can “play” them. Maybe there’s an old window that could be tapped on, doors that could be slammed, spout that could be hit with a pipe or a rock, a plastic bag one could crumble… The only rule is to use only objects found on the spot (not your voice or instrument). Explore and record short samples of sounds. Then we can work together on how to demonstrate your newly discovered instrument with interactive animation online. Hopefully, after a while, we’ll have a base of music corners from all around the world, that anyone can use to compose new music or improvise.We will slowly start to build an interactive online base where people can virtually play music on these corners, and also work on creating space for music and sound art commissions, as well as multi-regional collaborations, with perhaps even simultaneous live performances.

The main cause of the project is to use creative activity to induce greater caring for the city, environment, community and people who share it, among its participants. The creative tasks motivate citizens to step out of their everyday personalities, create memories with other people, get attached to location and develop deeper understanding for their environment and society.

Another aim is to motivate people to participate in the project from any place in the world, create their own in the place they live, or write new music for presented locations.

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