Music Profession (career introduction for high school students)

Every year in Serbia over 1000 high school students graduate from Music High schools. Thus, at 19 years old they have a considerate knowledge and experience in Music Theory, as well as Music Performance. They graduate by passing several exams including writing a medieval Motet (counterpoint exercise), harmonize sequence for a mixed choir with chromatic and enharmonic modulations by given soprano voice, and another one with pre-given figured bass, present their ear-training skills with sight reading singing and dictation, and perform a recital on an instrument.

Regardless of all 1000 specially skilled adolescent, there are only 300 places at Music departments in Universities in Serbia.

This lecture has a goal of giving realistic overview of Music Profession with detailed statistical data and shared experience, in order to help high school students gain more awareness of their options, and help them make informed career decisions in the right time.