4/PHONES Collective (2019, Earth) – is an international group of artists that met and collaborated in the MusicMakers Hacklab at CTM festival in Berlin 2019. They come from different countries and have different backgrounds, specializing in music composition, performance, sound art, visual art, engineering, programming and live coding. They are: Maja Bosnić (1985, Serbia), Juan Olaya (1984, Colombia), Justyna Stasiowska (1987, Poland), Hasan Mashni (1986, Palestine) and Tomy Herseta (1992, Indonesia). “There is no performance art without the audience. There is no audience without smartphones. Hence, in order to create interactive experience for everyone present, we have composed an interactive performance for participating audience with smartphones.”


Menuet4phoneS (2019) interactive performance for audience with smartphones

#audience #smartphones #playing #buttons #instructions #interaction



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